Solar Panel Angles for Various Latitudes

Choose the line that refers to your latitude from the right-hand y-axis. Read off the angle from the left-hand y- axis that should be used for each month of the year (listed on the horizontal axis). Negative angles indicate that the panel is inclined to face north.

You could reset your panel angle every week however setting it four times a year will give good results. Firstly in November set a winter angle, then in February set an equinox angle until April when a summer angle is set and finally reset the equinox angle in August. The correct angles for the beginning and end of each period should be bisected to find the average angle for that period: for a latitude of 10° the winter angle is 28°, the summer angle is -7° and the equinox angle is about 10°. A rule of thumb is that the equinox angle will be about equal to your latitude, the summer angle will be about 15° less and the winter angle will be about 15° greater. You may wish to change the panel angle every month around the equinoxes since the recommended angle is changing rapidly from week to week at these times of year.


In the northen hemisphere your panel will normally be facing south (indicated by positive angles). If your site is in the northern hemisphere and within the tropics, negative angles indicate that the panel is facing north.

The tropics is the area of the globe on either side of the equator, between latitudes of 23.45 degrees and -23.45 degrees.