In this section you can find a selection of general texts and links to help you in your appropriate technology projects. For more specific texts and links, look up each particular section or subject.

Useful Links

A very good unit converter called Master Converter can be downloaded here.

General information about on fluid mechanics.

This site contains old U.S. Army manuals on many technical subjects.

A complete electrical textbook online.

A lot of AT manuals can be found here. They can be down-loaded as a disk image that can be burnt directly onto CD.

Life Water has a good collection of straight forward document on the construction and operation of small water supplies.

Useful Books

## A Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems, Thomas D. Jordan Jnr., ITDG Publishing 1984, 2000. ISBN: 0946688508.
The bible for anybody designing and building gravity flow water systems.

## Engineering In Emergencies - A Practical Guide for Relief Workers, Jan Davis & Robert Lambert, ITDG Publishing - 2nd Edition 2002,ISBN: 1853395218.
The starting point for just about any AT project. Well digging, electricity and even building bridges and runways are covered.

## Solar Electricity (Second Edition), Edited by Tomas Markvart, John Wiley & Son (2000)
ISBN: 0-471-98853-7
This book from the UNESCO Energy Engineering series is an excellent introduction to the technical and economic aspects of autonomous solar systems.

## Electrical Craft Principles, 4th edition Volumes 1 and 2, John Whitefield, Institute of Electrical Engineering, 2001. ISBN 0 85269 811 6 (Vol 1), ISBN 0 85296 833 7 (Vol 2).
Two excellent text books on electrical engineering from a practicle view point.

Like-minded Groups

## Concern America

## Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados

## [email protected] Autonomous Colective of Appropiate Technology for Health

## ISF Engineering Without Borders$sesion_idioma=3