The right to decent housing is a basic human right. It is essential to live in a decent house for our physical and mental health. Searching for cheap and ecological construction materials,such as earth or wood, helps everybody to achieve their right to decent housing and infrastructures.

Page Contents

  1. Concrete
    1. PDF Guides
    2. General Information
  2. Adobe & Stabilized Earth Block
  3. Construction

1. Concrete

1a. PDF Guides

## Concrete & Cemete Association of Australia
These PDF files are taken from the website

1b. General Information

## An Introduction To Cement & Concrete
(Issue 1, October 2005)
General information about cement, aggregates, mortar and concrete. Including testing materials, mixing, reinforcement and mixes.

2. Adobe & Stabilized Earth Bolcks

##An Introduction To Stabilized Earth Construction
Taken from the VITA publication "Village Technology handbook".

3. Construction

## Bridge Design Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet can be used to design a simple spreadsheet.

## Gravity Flow Water System Construction
For information about the construction of water systems refern to the Water Index. Click here to see several slideshows that detail the construction of spring tanks, pipe bridges, resersoir tanks and distribution networks.