The toilet is part of the history of human hygiene and an important chapter in the growth of civilization. 2500 million people lack good sanitation in the world, half of them in South Asia. Here you can find resources to help you build composting toilets so that everybody can have access to healthy sanitation.

Grey Water Filtration

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A free book on water testing.

WHO guide lines for water quality.


Composting Toilet World is an advocate for the use of composting toilets worldwide. Their goal is to educate, promote and facilitate the use of compost toilets. They believe that the use of composting toilets by persons in all countries will substantially help the environment and improve living conditions now and in the future. 


Global Dry Toilet Club of Finland was founded in 2002 to promote the use of dry toilets.  Their vision is to make dry toilets an essential part of sustainable development, thus securing clean waters and a healthy environment for future generations. Their mission is to introduce functioning dry toilets together with controlled management of toilet waste and to make people aware of the benefits of dry sanitation. 


IWA Specialist Group "Ecological Sanitation" 


World Toilet Organization is a non-profit organization, established 2001, that communicates the need for better toilet standards in both the developed and developing economies of the world and provides a service platform for all toilet associations, related organizations and committed individuals to facilitate an exchange of ideas relating to health and cultural issues.