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The application of Appropriate Technology

By Santiago Arnalich Castañeda.

This book intends to provide you with the tools needed to complete a sucessful gravity flow water project in a short amount of time. You may well already be dealing with a real life project, but without the time to do intensive study to get up to scratch. This book is meant to be:

99% Fat Free – Only what you really need is included.

Simple – One of the most common causes of failure is that the complexity and excessive rigour become very intimidating, and things get left half done.

Chronological – It more or less follows the logical order in which you’d undertake the project.

Practical – With calculation examples. For a generous step by step exercises collection see “How to design a Gravity Flow Water System Through Worked Example“, a book from the same author.

Self contained – It is assumed that you are in a remote area with not access to information, so all the essential information is included. Never the less links to other sources of information are provided.

You can read the whole of Gravity Flow Water Supply on Google Books.