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There are around 1,600 million people without access to affordable energy services in the world today. The correlation between energy supply and development is direct and well documented. Increasing rates of connection to national grid networks and wasteful energy habits have meant demand has risen 25 times over the course of the last century, powered primarily by non-renewable fossil fuels that are increasingly scarce.

Every year around 6,000 times more energy from the sun falls on the surface of the earth than that which is used in the entire world. We currently make intelligent use of around 0.02% of the solar energy that reaches us.

Energy demand is rising globally by around 5% per year, requiring effective demand reduction measures and a swift and effective transition to renewable energy sources. Minority world (industrialised) countries currently consume around 10 times more energy per capita than Majority world (developing= countries: for example, in 2003 the average person in the USA consumed 90,999 kWh per year of energy, while the average person in Haiti consumed 3,152 kWh. Rural electrification rates in Minority world countries are around 99.5%: in Africa they are around 23%.

This section of the site deals with electricity, off-grid autonomous solar photovoltaic systems, and fuel-efficient biomass cooking stoves.

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      How to build and install lean efficient wood burning stoves.