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The application of Appropriate Technology


ITACA Manifesto

1. Principles

We are an independent, equitable and non-denominational collective that does not recognise geopolitical borders.

We declare ourselves in opposition to the capitalist and dominant patriarchal systems.

We are in favour of the self-determination and self-management of all peoples.

2. Vision

We think that access to the resources essential for a dignified life is unfair and unequal.

We work to try and find alternative solutions to this situation through the application of Appropriate Technology.

We understand Appropriate Technology as the tools which allow the user to enjoy a dignified life, based on the following principles: easy to construct and maintain, low cost, using local resources, possible to replicate and adapt to different environments and sustainable in the long-term.

3. Objective

That all people have the necessary access to basic resources and the capacity and options necessary for them to decide how they want to live, through the application of Appropriate Technology.

4. Central points of action

Gender equality, environmental sustainability and respect for universal human rights will underly all our actions.

Our projects should involve all the population who are benefiting, at all stages: identification, formulation, execution and training, as well as evaluation.

All material we produce is free and reproducible.

5. Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the belief that the autonomous, decentralized and organised community is in the final instance the decisive nucleus of its own future.

Our work is a dynamic process which relies on the feedback and input of all sectors of civil society.

Knowledge is shared, replicated and multiplied. We can learn from everything.

6: Internal functioning

Decision-making takes place in assemblies, in a horizontal manner, in which each person contributes with their knowledge, creativity and capabilities to achieve the objectives of the collective.

Everything established within the collective is open to reflection, discussion and modification.

7: External functioning

We strive to break the vertical nature of institutions and work from below and to the left where decisions are reached in assemblies in a horizontal manner.