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The application of Appropriate Technology

Pumps, Wells & Boreholes

Information about different types of pumps as well as digging wells and boreholes.

  • Articles:

    Drilling Boreholes For Hand Pumps

    Booklet by SKAT (Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management) detailing the drilling of boreholes for handpumps. The provision of underground water supplies has suffered for many years from a mismatch between the water source (the borehole) and the pumping device (the handpump). This uneven correlation has often led to the construction of costly and unsustainable systems […]

    Rural Water Supply Technology Options: Handpumps, Mechanised Pumps and Surface Water

    Booklet by SKAT with information on hand pumps, mechanised pumps and rainwater and surface water Collection. This document contains details of reciprocating handpumps, rotary handpumps and displacement handpumps as well as a section on motorised pumps. You can read the whole of this document as a PDF file (8.5 mb)

    Rope Pump Manual, Hand Dug Well & Borehole model

    A good manual by the Practica Foundation on rope pumps for hand dug wells and boreholes. This manual is made as a guide for organizations and workshops which are involved in the introduction process of the manually operated Rope pump and for technicians to be trained in Production, Installation and Operation & Maintenance of the Rope pump models: […]

    Rota Sludge & Stone Hammer Drilling

    There are various techniques for drilling a drinking water or irrigation tube well. The drilling method used is related to the soil conditions and the financial means available. In general, drilling techniques can be divided into two categories i.e. drilling with a machine or manually. The greatest difference between the two methods is that drilling with a machine […]

    Photovoltaic Water Pumps

    Short technical brief by the GTZ on photovoltaic pumping systems. In many developing countries, the inadequate supply of drinking and irrigation water is a severe problem. In rural areas with no access to grid power, national water authorities and private farmers have to rely on hand pumps and diesel-driven pumps, many of which are out of service due to technical defects or […]

    Centrifugal Pump Selection and Installation

    Factsheet by the British Colombia Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries on the correct selection and installation of centrifugal pumps. Efficient operation of a pump can only be obtained by selecting the correct pump, as well as the proper selection and installation of suction and discharge fittings. The pump should be evaluated on a regular basis […]

    Small Community Water Supplies

    This book is a very good place to start learning about building a water supply. It covers all the things that you will need to know about sourcing water including rain water harvesting, spring, wells and surface water. It also has sections on water quality and treatment. This book is made available here as PDF […]