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The application of Appropriate Technology

Rainwater Harvesting

If there is no spring in the vicinity that can provide clean water rainwater catchment might be the best way to safe drinking water.

    • Sections:

      Rainwater Harvesting Design

      Information that will help you with the design and building of rainwater harvesting systems.


      Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

      Domestic RWH is a simple mechanism to collect and store rainwater mainly for drinking and cooking. It may be household based or community based. The system uses a collection surface such as a roof, gutters to guide the rainwater, and a container to store the water. This paper involves domestic RWH only. We must remember […]

      Small Community Water Supplies

      This book is a very good place to start learning about building a water supply. It covers all the things that you will need to know about sourcing water including rain water harvesting, spring, wells and surface water. It also has sections on water quality and treatment. This book is made available here as PDF […]

      Roof Water Harvesting

      The most detailed and complete manual on domestic rainwater harvesting we could find in the entire world, by the IRC. ‘Rainwater harvesting’ is a widely used term covering all those techniques whereby rain is intercepted and used ‘close’ to where it first reaches the earth. The term has been applied to arrangements to cause rainfall to percolate […]

      Rainwater Reservoirs for Roof Catchment

      A GTZ manual detailing different catchment possibilities, tank designs, guttering and downpipes for domestic rainwater harvesting. This manual offers advice on a more professional approach towards rainwater catchment and the construction of different types of reservoirs. It also offers a selection of the most appropriate reservoir types and gives technical advice for the construction work. […]

    • Rainwater Harvesting Spreedsheets

      Material to help you with rainwater harvesting design calculations.


      Rain Water Harvesting Spreadsheet

      This spreadsheet allows the user to size a DRWH storage tank, with a given surface catchment area (m2), and daily demand (litres). The spreadsheet contains rainfall data for Chiapas, Mexico, but this can be easily substituted for rainfall data in any given location. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (137KB)

    • Rainwater Harvesting Links

      Links to more rainwater harvesting resources.