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The application of Appropriate Technology

Water Tanks

Articles about the design and construction of water tanks.

    • Sections:

      Water Tank Construction & Design

      Information about the design and construction of water tanks.


      Ferrocement Water Tanks And Their Construction

      A detailed guide to building ferrocement water tanks. Water, tanks made from wire-reinforced cement-mortar are used widely in many parts of the world to store water for domestic, stock, irrigation and industrial purposes. They are built by hand trowelling a cement-rich mortar onto a mesh of wire reinforcement to form cylindrical tanks with thin walls […]

      Buried And Semi-Submerged Water Tanks

      Short technical brief on building buried and semi-submerged water tanks. This Technical Brief outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using buried and semi-submerged tanks for collecting and storing water. It also examines some of the design features and construction procedures. You can read the whole of this document as a PDF file (316 kb)

      Ferrocement Water Tanks

      Short technical brief on building ferrocement tanks. Ferrocement consists of a cement-rich mortar reinforced with layers of wire mesh, sometimes with additional plain wire reinforcement for added strength. Tanks made of ferrocement are used in many countries for the collection and storage of water for drinking, washing, for animal use and irrigation. You can read the whole […]

      Storage Tank Photos

      Photographs showing the construction of a large 41,000 litre ferrocement storage tank. This will open in a new window.

      Reservoir Tank – Mould

      (from The Anatomy Of A Gravity Flow Water System)

      The reservoir tank is placed at a point near the village that is higher than all the houses that are to be supplied. The tank must be large enough to ensure an uninterrupted supply during the times of day when there is the peak demand. The tank is thus sized according to the size of […]

    • Water Tank Spreadsheets & Calculations

      Material to help with water tank design calculations.


      Reservoir Tank Sizing Spreadsheet

      This spreadsheet allows the user to calculate the required volume of a reservoir tank (Litres) based upon the overall daily demand of a community (Litres) and the flow rate into the tank (LPS). It also allows the user to calculate the material requirements (sand, gravel, cement etc) for the construction of a circular, curved roof […]

    • Water Tanks Links

      Links to other other ferrocement water tank resources.