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The application of Appropriate Technology

Water Quality

Articles about drinking water standards and how to ensure a safe water supply.

  • Articles:

    WHO Guidelines For Drinking-water Quality, 4th Edition

    The primary purpose of the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality is the protection of public health. Water is essential to sustain life, and a satisfactory (adequate, safe and accessible) supply must be available to all. Improving access to safe drinking-water can result in tangible benefits to health. Every effort should be made to achieve a drinking-water quality as safe as practicable. Safe drinking-water, as […]

    An Introduction To Water Hardness

    A document providing an introduction to the causes and treatment of hard water, including magnetic water softeners. Some Simple Chemistry When ionic substances dissolve in water they are split into their constituent ions. For example when NaCl (sodium chloride, common salt) dissolves in water it produces Na+ (the positive or cation) and Cl– (the negative or anion). […]

    Facilitating Community Water Supply

    This publication is about what it takes to ensure that when people open their tap they can safely drink the water, with information on water treatment, multi-stage filtration and slow-sand filtration. This publication tells you about these technologies, how they were developed and shared and what was learned in the process. It discusses technology transfer and […]