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Centrifugal Pump Selection and Installation

Posted on Oct 25, 2011

Factsheet by the British Colombia Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries on the correct selection and installation of centrifugal pumps. Efficient operation of a pump can only be obtained by selecting the correct pump, as well as the proper selection and installation of suction and discharge fittings. The pump should be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the pump is operating properly and is still sized correctly for the system, especially after any major system modifications. The most commonly used pumps in irrigation are centrifugal pumps, turbine and submersible pumps. Centrifugal pumps are a good choice to pump water from lakes, rivers, creeks or shallow wells. Horizontal centrifugal pumps commonly used for irrigation systems have total dynamic heads of less than 400 ft and suction lifts of less than 20 ft. This factsheet focuses on centrifugal pumps. Turbine and submersible pumps are used when pumping from wells with a static water level below 15 ft. Turbines are often used for total dynamic heads exceeding 450 ft. Submersibles are available up to 10 inch in diameter and motor sizes up to 100 hp. Read the while document as a PDF file (100...

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