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Small Community Water Supplies

Posted on Oct 24, 2011

This book is a very good place to start learning about building a water supply. It covers all the things that you will need to know about sourcing water including rain water harvesting, spring, wells and surface water. It also has sections on water quality and treatment. This book is made available here as PDF files. View or download the whole book in one file ( 9.8mb PDF file) 0r view the book chapter by chapter: Chapter 1: Introduction (92kb PDF file) Chapter 2: Planning and Management (124kb PDF file) Chapter 3: Small community water services in Central and Eastern European Countries – situation, challenges, needs and developments (100kb PDF file) Chapter 4: Water quality and quantity (112kb PDF file) Chapter 5: Integrated Water Resources Management (128kb PDF file) Chapter 6: Artificial recharge (636kb PDF file) Chapter 7: Rainwater harvesting (460kb PDF file) Chapter 8: Spring water tapping (1mb PDF file) Chapter 9: Pumping (500kb PDF file) Chapter 10: Groundwater withdrawal (1.7mb PDF file) Chapter 11: Surface water intake and small dams (772kb PDF file) Chapter 12: Water treatment (244kb PDF file) Chapter 13: Aeration (168kb PDF file) Chapter 14: Coagulation and flocculation (296kb PDF file) Chapter 15: Sedimentation (212kb PDF file) Chapter 16: Multi-stage filtration technology (688kb PDF file) Chapter 17: Rapid filtration (2.2mb PDF file) Chapter 18: Desalination technology (412kb PDF file) Chapter 19: Disinfection (292kb PDF file) Chapter 20: Water transmission (888kb PDF file) Chapter 21: Water distribution (1.3mb PDF file) Chapter 22: Technologies for fluoride removal (1.1mb PDF file) Chapter 23: Technologies for arsenic removal from groundwater (336kb PDF file) Chapter 24: Water supply in disasters and emergencies (1mb PDF...

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