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Rope Pump Manual, Hand Dug Well & Borehole model

Posted on Oct 25, 2011

A good manual by the Practica Foundation on rope pumps for hand dug wells and boreholes. This manual is made as a guide for organizations and workshops which are involved in the introduction process of the manually operated Rope pump and for technicians to be trained in Production, Installation and Operation & Maintenance of the Rope pump models: ‘Hand dug well’ (AH) and ‘Borehole’ (AB). Experiences indicate that for a successful introduction, production and installation of Rope pumps on a large scale, the use of any production and installation manual has to be combined with hands-on training by an experienced trainer! The trainer will guide the organization and/or workshops through all aspects of the introduction and production process. Lessons learned from the past show that a number of small mistakes usually are made during the first years of production. However, these minor ‘mistakes’ can have a large influence on the life time and functioning of the pump. If these impurities are not corrected in time by a professional, the Rope pump option will gain a negative image amongst users and others in an almost irreversible way! It is therefore that it is strongly suggested this manual will only be used in combination with a professional training, whereby the manual will be distributed to the participants, who can later use it as a reference handbook. The practical training will focus on all essential aspects for producing and introducing the Rope pump. You can read the whole of this document as a PDF file (2.4...

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