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Spring Tank

Posted on Nov 20, 2011

Water is taken from a spring, rather than the river, to reduce the risk of contamination by parasites and other pernicious micro-organisms. A tank is built at the spring to ensure a continuous head of water above the start of the mainline. Thus, the mainline should always run full without any air locks.This tank is cast from conctret and consists of a sedimentation area and a 380 liter tank. Making a mould out of wood into which the concrete will be poured. Positioning the spring tank mould at the spring. Rebar is added to the mould to provide reinforcement for the concrete. Concrete being poured into the spring tank mould. Concrete being compacted into the mould. Once the spring tank is finished a dam is cast around the spring. The spring tank and spring dam. Preparing the top of the spring tank so that the roof can be cast. Making the roof and entry hatch on top of the spring tank out of reinforced concrete. The finished spring tank. The pipe exiting from the spring tank where the valve box will be. Building a retaining wall above the spring. Constructing a mould so that the valve box can be cast. Making the valve box roof. Putting the finishing touches to the valve box roof. Water flowing from the spring through a pipe to the sedimentation area. The finished spring with the dam, spring tank and valve...

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